Communication in the time of Coronavirus

It’s no secret that as the world faces a seemingly relentless pandemic, conversations with loved ones have become somehow kinder and gentler as we continue to practice social distancing.

The same goes for the way you speak to your consumers, clients and stakeholders; it’s no longer business as usual. We’re here to discuss how best to communicate your brand in the time of a crisis.

Here at Blanked, we strongly believe in open and honest communication at all times - pandemic or not. It’s how we build trust with our clients. Now, more than ever though, transparency is essential and there isn’t a place for marketing jargon.

With the spread of Covid-19, no industry has been left unaffected so embrace the change and take this time to truly connect with your customers.

  1. Empathy is key.

‘Business as usual’ no longer exists. While everyone still needs to make those precious sales, using forceful or sales-y language is now a big no-no. In one way or another, most people’s lives will have been affected by the arrival of coronavirus so read the room before shouting about that extra 15% off. 

  1. Address the problem face on.

Address the problems your company is facing, if they directly affect your consumers. That doesn’t mean to say you should be airing all your dirty laundry out there but if Covid-19 has, for example, impacted your delivery times or distribution, then let your consumers know. If some of your workforce has been furloughed and you're operating with a smaller team, talk about it. Don't be afraid to embrace honesty.

  1. Behind every brand there are humans.

Humanise the language and imagery used in your communications. Where you might have once chosen flawless and glossy editorial type photos on your social media, don’t be afraid to post a grainier at-home photo of one of your employees. Add their personal social distancing story, for example how many times someone has baked banana bread, to the image to connect your followers and build a sense of camaraderie.

  1. Be consistent but not OTT.

Another pillar of our beliefs: consistency. In the face of adversity, it’s nice to know your favourite brand is still connecting with you on a regular basis as it sends out a message of reliability which is key to building that trust. Whether it’s sending out a weekly inspiration email to your database or engaging with your community on social media, stay in touch and keep the message consistent across your platforms or communication channels. Just don’t overdo it! Pace yourself and keep the content fresh. 

  1. Stay positive.

While we all love a good moan about #lockdownlife, your customers don’t need it from all angles. Share all the great things going on instead and keep the negativity for WhatsApp chats.

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